Make sure you reach your full potential

SignpostLife is all about relationships and it is important that these work positively. If there is stress between people, either in business or in your personal life, this will limit what you can achieve yourself or as a team.

We want to help you maximise your achievements. Whether it's your business or personal relationships, we can help you improve these to make sure you reach your potential.

We achieve this by using a wide range of tools and skills to help bring the changes and improvements in your life which will help you reach your goals. The techniques we use include:
  • Workshops, coaching and support to help you make the mental changes
  • Therapy techniques to help you make the physical changes
  • Using Human Design to help you understand why you are the way you are
Click on the images below to find out more about what we offer for each technique.

Explore our services

Business Workshops
Business Workshops
We run business workshops, both public sessions and ones specifically for your business.
Personal Coaching and Support
Personal Coaching and Support
Trans4mational Change can guide you through the maze of life.
Therapeutic Treatments
Therapeutic Treatments
Sometimes a problem is resolved using physical therapy. We offer a range of treatments.
Human Design
Human Design
Human Design can help you understand who you are.
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What People Say
What People Say
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Workshops and coaching for business

Businesses don’t necessarily run smoothly and if they don't then they won't be as effective, or profitable, as they could be:

Does your business suffer from any of these problems?
  • Tasks don’t get done because you don’t enjoy doing them.
  • Relationships between staff are causing stress in business .
  • Your business is growing but you feel that you no longer have enough time.
  • The business is stagnating as you have lost sight of your goals.
  • Your business is controlling you and you feel your life is not your own?

If so, you would benefit from coming on the business workshops run by Trans4mational Change. Alternatively, if the problem is more personal, from our one-to-one coaching sessions. You can find out more about these here.

Personal and Family Relationships

Sometimes we need help with our own relationships and those of our family. Do you have any of these issues?
  • Relationship are strained, we are not communicating effectively
  • My child is not performing at school and seems unhappy
  • You can't get through to your relations
  • I'm stressed and don't know where life is taking me
If so, Trans4mational Change may well be able to help you, either with workshops or one-to-one coaching sessions. You can find out more about these here.