About Trans4mational Change

Trans4mational Change is all about helping you to reach your full potential. Whether it’s you, your business or your relationships, we can help unlock your skills and qualities. We do this using a wide range of tools and skills to help bring about the changes and improvements that will help you reach your goals.

Trans4mational Change is owned by Jon Critoph. It was officially formed in 2015 after the past 15 years or more of doing a lot of this work on a more ad hoc basis.

The essence of the business is to help anyone who wants to and is willing to reach their full potential. This can be in many ways and forms including physical health and well being through therapies such as Massage, EFT and Reiki. Through counselling and coaching where you can externalise your thoughts and feelings and work together to achieve your goals.

Jon also works with an amazing system called Human Design and the Venus Sequence that can help people understand all aspects of relationships. It starts with the relationship they have with themselves and moves outwards to see how business relationships work and then onto personal relationships and family dynamics. Over the past 14 years or so Jon has carried out over 1500 readings for individuals and companies and has had the pleasure of hearing and observing the amazing results that have come from this.

About Jon

Jon Critoph

 Jon has always been interested in helping people from a young age and even at school he was often a listening ear on the telephone to a friend or class mate with problems at home or with a partner. Jon’s father Rowland (Roy) Critoph used to work alongside Harry Edwards (who started the NFSH (now The Healing Trust)) and perform healing. Although Roy loved this work, it always remained something in the background rather than a full-time career. Jon, on the other hand, decided that you can learn something from your parents after all and has now chosen, after a career in barcoding, to make something he loved into his work.

Jon has a wealth of skills and tools in his tool kit to help you whether you are an individual wanting some personal advice or a company (large or small) requiring some support and guidance for your staff.

Jon holds qualifications in Massage, Indian head Massage, Hopi ear candles (Thermo auricular therapy), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and is a Reiki Master. Currently he is training to be a Balance procedure practitioner too. He is a professional member of ABT.

Please get in touch now and see how Jon can start helping you and your business or personal relationships reach their full potential.

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