What happened to Angelina and Brad?

What happened to Angelina and Brad?

Angelina Jolie's chart

What happened to Angelina and Brad?

Many are asking “What happened to Angelina and Brad?” following the recent news that the couple are to divorce. Human Design has a lot it can offer in this respect and below I have given some clues as what may have happened. From a previous posting you may well recall that I wrote about what can attract us to a person can also over time try to push us apart. I find knowing your design and that of a partner invaluable and it supports long term togetherness.

Angelina Jolie

Firstly let’s take a look at Angelina’s design. She is a Manifesting Generator and as we know this types wants it all and wants it now!

She certainly does not want anyone telling her what to do (including Brad!). Also with the 20/34 channel (throat to sacral) this is the channel of ‘busyness’ as well as the channel of charisma. She can be very charismatic when speaking but must remember that she needs to wait for the opportunity to respond to a request to share what she knows. She can be on the go all the time and never stop.

The profile of the outspoken

With the 3/5 profile this shows her to be a martyr/heretic. This can be the sort of person who speaks out, just like the little boy in the emperor’s new clothes, who declares the emperor hasn’t got any clothes! It can of course be useful when you just need someone cutting through what is holding life up and getting it moving once more. The 3 in the profile can also show someone with a tendency to addictive behaviours and with a defined heart centre (home of the ego) she can be equally determined to break addictions, as she can be to stick with them.

Emotionally biased

With the emotional solar plexus as her authority, there is never any truth in the moment as the emotions are always rising and falling. The whole cycle of the emotional wave needs to be gone through before a decision is made. So despite having all the energy of an MG Angelina still needs to wait to become clear of a way forward. Wherever possible it is recommended to sleep on a decision and make the final call in the morning. If something goes away whilst she is waiting it was not meant for her.

Angelina’s need for fixed rhythms

Angelina has the 5th gate (in the sacral) and this is the gate of fixed rhythms. Someone with this gate like greater degrees of familiarity and routine and will tend to follow certain patterns such as eating at the same time each day, going to bed, etc.

Other interesting snippets.

Angelia has the 51st gate which is the gate of shock so she can often do shocking things either consciously or unconsciously to shock people and this could be verbally or through her actions.

She also has the 21/45 channel from the heart centre to the throat. This is known as the channel of money and with a complete channel she will want to be in charge of her own ship. Having this does not necessarily mean she will become a millionaire but she does have a talent for making money.

And finally

One final set of gates are those that come from the defined spleen as these are all gates of fear. The 18 is the fear of authority, the 28 is the fear of death or of time running out and the 50th gate is the fear of taking responsibility. Interesting to see how these play out in her life.

Brad Pitt

What happened to Angelina and Brad?

Brad Pitt

What a great contrast to Angelina’s design. For Brad is a much lower energy form as a Projector. These types need to take time and space alone to check in on their energy levels and to see if they have sufficient to carry on, or if they need to rest and recharge. Projectors can happily carry along with an MG and feel they have all the energy in the world, but are simply reflecting the almost boundless supplies of the MG.

Projectors also need to know more about anything than anyone else so they are born researchers and investigators. They make a valuable asset to any team as they can go and do research and shortly will know more than anyone else about a topic. They just have to remember that they still need to wait for the invitation to share their knowledge. Otherwise they will cause others who are not ready to hear everything about a certain subject, This in turn can cause a projector to close down or get annoyed leaving them with a feeling of bitterness that they are not being taken seriously or appreciated.

Brad as a mirror

With Brad having very little definition he is more likely to fit in around others and certainly Angelina will rule the roost in this sense. He can become somewhat of a chameleon and be very much affected by who he is. However all the open centres (undefined) are there as magnifying mirrors to reflect parts of others back to themselves. Much larger than they actually are so they don’t miss it!  This can be quite a challenge in this relationship as Brad will enlarge and reflect Angelina’s ego (heart centre) as well as her emotional centre.

Buckle up when these two get together it is time for an exciting ride!

The opportunist

Brad has the 4/6 profile and this is the profile of the opportunistic/role model. So the 4 is the opportunist, and they can find as long as they are following their strategy (waiting for the invitation) amazing opportunities can just drop in their laps. Whether he takes them or not is up to Brad, but his inner authority will help him here. The 6 is the role model and these people are here not so much to shout out “hey everybody look at me” but are to quietly get on setting examples to those who follow them. Of course whether the example they are setting is good or bad is up the the individual.

Trusting his initial response

Being a person with a splenic authority Brad is well equipped to know what feels right and this is far quicker than a mental or emotional response. It is there, instantaneously, and should be followed at all costs. Despite the mind  going into battle wondering what is right and wrong. As some would say, “just do it!” This will be annoying to those with emotional authorities and a manifesting generator, that just wanted to get on and do it NOW!

A need for control

Brad also has the 21st gate in an undefined heart centre. Being an undefined centre means the gate does not have the power it might if it were defined. But as soon as someone comes into Brad’s aura and defines this for him, (queue Angelina) he wants to be in control, and of course with her having this gate too, so does she! So all kinds of power battles will ensue here.

Some other snippets

Brad also has the 51st gate of shock so like Angelina there will be be something within him that likes to do this but again as the centre is undefined this is more likely to come out in Angelina’s (and possibly others) presence. This could get very interesting when they get locked into a cycle shocking each other.

With so little definition it can be easy to lose oneself and as both have undefined ‘G’ or self centres (diamond in the middle of the design) they do not really know what they want to be when they grow up. Even when they come together this centre still remains undefined so no help there.

With a defined root centre Brad is able to take on projects no matter how big they are and break them down into smaller, more manageable pieces.

and finally

Brad also has 3 fear gates 2 of which are the same as Angelina’s and he has the 44th gate which is the fear of the past or of things from the past repeating themselves and with the power of intention if this is focused upon too much then of course this can be brought about.

So bringing the two together

So the big question is what happens when the two get together? This might have been a good idea to investigate to save us all asking “What happened to Angelina and Brad?”

The couple have just one full electromagnetic connection where one of them has one end of the channel and the other person has the other end. In addition there are 3 further channels where one has the complete channel and the other has just half of it.

The one channel they have together is the 11/56 and is known as the channel of curiosity. This could in fact have bought them together,  as it would have brought energy to the lower mind centre for them both. It also makes them both, when together, great advocates for others and also for causes close to their hearts.

This channel can also drive them both to want to seek true meaning  in life and then share this with others. Of course when they part and are not together this will no longer be the case and it can feel like it is lost which can lead to addictive behaviours to get it back.

As I mentioned earlier on, Brad can also enjoy the feeling of great energy and excitement when Angelina is around, with her MG energy, until it all becomes too much and he needs his own space.

When the couple come together the higher mind also does not get coloured in or defined so they can always be struggling to reach agreement and decisions. As each will be try to work out what they think the other wants. The positives of this, as long as it is not used in their own relationship, is that they would both be good and hearing what is not being said by others.

And how is your relationship with your loved one?

Remember there are no good or bad or even right and wrong relationships. There are just relationships and their nuances. To get your chart done please go to our request a chart page

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