Brexit – The birth of a new era.

The Brexit vote has perhaps been one of the most significant changes the UK has seen in many decodes. Having spent many years being an integral part of Europe the population was given the opportunity to vote whether we remained in the EU or left it. As we all know although it was a close vote the leave vote one and we now await the triggering of article 50 and the process of untangling ourselves and becoming independent as a country.

No one can say exactly what will happen or whether it is a good or bad decision although any have offered their opinion. We all can look back and see experiences we have had that looked bad at the time but now with hindsight were a major turning point and they were for the good. Who knows if Brexit for the UK will be the only country to exit or whether others will follow suit.

What we do know is that on 24th June 2016 the result for Brexit was declared and as such gave birth to Brexit.  On producing the chart (see below) we can start to see a little of what lies ahead.

So what does the chart tell us of what lies ahead?

Brexit – a generator design where things must be seen through.

Brexit, the human design chart for change
Human Design for Brexit

The Brexit has the design type of Generator these are events that will need to start at the beginning and follow a methodical pathway, There is no point in trying to get out of situations as if the lessons have not been learnt then they will need to be taken again. So as many have been saying this needs to be seen through and right the way to its natural conclusion.

Any generator has a strategy of responding which of course is exactly what has happened here as the public voted and asked to leave so it is right on track here. It needs to keep listening though to the voices of the people and then responding accordingly. Generators can often like to sit around the edge or near an exit and of course we are now on the edge of the EU. If generators fail to act out of response and start to initiate instead there will be a great deal of frustration felt by all.

So again showing the need that those handling the process of Brexit need to keep listening to what the public want and responding accordingly. They have no idea where they are going so rely on questions and statement to which they can respond. The responses need to work with are those from the gut not from the head. Not to say we should not use our minds to ensure things are safe etc.

Brexit – the role model/hermit

Brexit holds the profile of 6/2 this is the role model/hermit. The role model is there to lead the way through demonstrating by acting. So by walking the talk and not just talking it!

The 6 models what it speaks about and often needs to take itself away to gain perspective on a situation. Then it needs to remember that it took itself out so it must invite itself back in again. If it fails to do this it will remain feeling isolated and this can develop into many negative feelings.

The 2 is the design of the merit and this means that it is imperative that there is time alone found and by leaving the EU this can be achieved. It can be difficult for some to understand this need for alone time but with it, it allows the holder to relax and also gain clarity they cannot gain when they are surrounded by others. It is the 6/2s that are the way showers heralding in the changes and new ways. So it feels like we are right on track here.

Sacral authority

This is an interesting one as those with the sacral as their authority just know like a gut feel what is right and what is not. There is no better way of explaining that then that is the way to go. This will always talk when acting out of response.

The Sacral authority needs to look for opportunities to respond and where they don’t seem to exist they can be with or wait till they do appear they ca help try and create them. This could be done through for example saying something like “I may know  something about that….”. And then waiting for the other person to say something like “Really what do you know?” Simply by waiting that short period of time they are then in their power to respond (or not).

The trick here is also to be aware that having others around you or in this case involved in Brexit this can affect how you respond as you can well be picking up other people’s excitement and desires. So no over analysing (this can result in paralysis) go with the gut and you will always be OK.

The cross of prevention

The incarnation cross for Brexit is the Cross of Prevention. This is really along the lines of the saying “We all have our cross to bear.” This cross represent a lifetime of finding out what works and what might be unsafe or questionable in its outcomes.  It has a great desire for people neither to waste their time or energy on things that will not work and so can come over as being a little dictatorial or appearing as though you know all the answers. This is not to say though that others cannot try things out for themselves or do things in different ways. One size definitely does not fit all.

With its nature and if Brexit is continually telling us (via a spokesperson) what to do and how to do it or stopping from doing things we are being deprived of our learning experiences. The 15th gate in the conscious sun demonstrates someone or something that has a natural concern for others ensuring they take the right steps and don’t wander off the path to an assured future. We all need to be aware when we feel this is overbearing and too controlling. This cross can tend to have a far too serious side and needs to learn to let go a little more and loosen up and have some fun. We can’t possibly know every possible outcome or every situation so let some of those that are natural drawn towards this have their say too.

So as we can see prevention can be a good thing, for example, if we stop someone from stepping in front of a car they had not seen as we know the results of them doing so would not be good. But we need to be sure as we can find ourselves stopping someone from doing something out of fear and thus stopping them perhaps from a breakthrough or new discovery important on their life path.

Split definition

The design for Brexit has a split definition which simply means there are two separate areas of definition (coloured in shapes). As we can see here the two shapes within the head are defined but are not connected to the three central shapes that are coloured in further down the design.

So there are two very separate components within the design for Brexit and they do not always understand one another and do not necessarily agree with one another.

The definition provided in the head by the channel 64/47 is part of the sensing circuit. This circuit is all about experiencing and reflecting on that experience to learn. The theme of this circuit is change through crisis and I don’t think we can argue with this here. There certainly has been a crisis lurking beneath the waves for a long while and through the Brexit vote we saw this surface.

There needs to be no expectation that if I do this I will get that from the situation. It is here to try things out and experiment and see what we get from the situation and to grow our knowledge through the experience. There is never failure just discovery associated with this channel. This circuit is totally driven by a desire for change however when this desire for change is based on doing one thing to get another only disappointment and possibly hardship can follow. Sense will never be made of this situation whilst in the middle of it we need to allow it to play out and then look back over it and learn.

The other two definition channels (15/5 and 9/52) are both located in the understanding circuit. The characteristics here are all about focus and concentration. This circuit is a forward looking circuit projecting its patterns into the future in order to lead. One point worthy of note at this point is that the previous channel in the sensing circuit looked back in order to learn and these two channels both in the understanding channel are looking forward. So one work of caution here would be who is looking at the here and now which in truth is all we really have?

The keynote to take from this circuit is that of sharing, this is not just a one way type of sharing but a true tow way communication where we are all learning from one another. So with Brexit I am sure there will be a lot of over seriousness and a degree of arguing the point on a number of things. The powers that be will need to remember that they need to have the support of those they are guiding otherwise they will find themselves like a train disconnected from its carriages.

The art of repetition helps master something is brought into play here and so we may find ourselves being pulled through situations again and again. At some point there will be recognition of this and the learning will take place. With no direct access to energy (in HD terms) they will be constantly looking to others for this and it may take the form of money as an energy and with the investment comes the recognition that people with this channel crave. Being so logical and yet requiring the ability to trust in get reactions can leave these sorts feeling a little insecure which in turn can lead to desperate measures being taken to create at least an illusion of being back in control.

Areas of no definition

In this design there are 5 centres that are defined (coloured in) and 4 left white or undefined. The two pressure centres (Head and root) are both defined meaning very much that on its own Brexit is not under any pressure and can take on large projects like this one of course. However they can find that they are very capable of putting themselves under a lot of pressure and this is where the second line of the hermit comes in to take time away and to sense what is going on inside.

Undefined centres

So the undefined centres are the throat, the heart centre (home of the ego), the spleen and the solar plexus. From this we can deduce that the undefined throats can lack a feeling of pressure as they allow others to talk (those with defined throats) however when they stop the undefined throat can feel under extreme pressure to fill the silence and talk. Often getting them into trouble as they are rarely talking as a direct response to a request but are yaberting away often just talking to relieve the sense of pressure they feel.

The Heart Centre

The undefined heart or ego centre can lead to having great ideas but the lack of drive to initiate them and drive them through. This can lead to much vacillation and uncertainty and then often a lack of progress.

The Spleen Centre

The undefined spleen means that this is a sensitive and delicate operation and Brexit should sense the undercurrent more closely than many. It will be important where Brexit places itself and it can be quite sensitive to outside powers being in some ways concerned about what others think and most importantly say.

The Solar Plexus Centre

Finally with the undefined solar plexus which is the emotional centre we will be left riding the emotional wave of the remaining countries angst and other emotions amplifying them four fold and at times feeling like a tiny rowing boat being tossed in gale force winds on the open seas. This will feel very uncomfortable for us all of course as we are the passengers on this ship.

Where to from here?

There is a lot more one could say about Brexit and I am happy to do so in another article or if anyone wants more information now (especially you Manifesting Generators!) please do get in touch and we can e-mail or speak about it.

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