Business Relationships

Business relationships don’t necessarily run smoothly

Good business relationships are key to success

Business relationships between the people are very important, whether it is how you relate to your customers and suppliers or staff. If it s a small business and there is friction it can have a large detrimental effect on performance and hence profit. Yet often you can’t sort them out yourself as you are simply too close to the problem. This is where Trans4mational Change can help. We are specialists in relationships and can provide independent insight into problems and how to solve them.

You might recognise some of these situations:

  • Tasks don’t get done because you don’t enjoy doing them.
  • There is stress in business relationships between staff.
  • The business has done what you wanted it to do and grown and you no longer have enough time.
  • The business is stagnating as you have lost your vision of your goal.
  • Has you business started running you and you no longer feel your life is your own?

If you do, you would benefit from attending one of our business workshops or having some one-to-one coaching. Which you choose may well depend on the nature of the problem and of those involved. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Learn how to reduce business stress

Trans4mational Change runs a series of workshops which can help you identify the issues in your business that stop it running effectively. Giving you space and time to explore your own issues in the company of others in similar situation. No matter what stage your business is at whether you are at the ideas stage, early stages of development or in a business that has been going for many years and may even need a refresh there will be something for you to learn from on these half and full day courses. We also offer 1-2-1 versions of these if that works for you better, please contact us for more details

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