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Do you need coaching and support for you and your business?

Navigating through the maze of life with Trans4mational Change

Sometimes in life it can be hard to see the path ahead. We liken this to the difference of being outside a maze looking down and being able to trace the path into the centre (your goals) versus being in the maze and unable to recall every turn you had to make. If you are in the maze you can within a short while feel lost and unable to know which way to turn. The more you wander about the more likely you are to come up against dead ends. It is not long before you are feeling totally lost. This is when you need some coaching and support from somebody who is not so close to the problems, and who can have a clearer and fresh view on the situation.

Realising that you need coaching and support for you and your business can be one of the most important steps you make. Yes, it can feel like you are handing over at least some level of control of your ‘baby’ to someone else. You even feel a sense of shame that you cannot do it all yourselves. We understand that; we have all been at this point in the development of our business.

When you work with a business coach from Trans4mational Change

Working with a business coach and getting some support can be like having the person on top of a tall viewing platform. They are able to guide you on your journey both seeing where you are at this point in time and where you would like to get to.

This analogy can equally be used in the case of businesses employing many staff too. The owner and staff are so close to their issues and have been often looking at them for so long they can no longer see the wood for the trees! We have helped companies to regain clarity, refocus their vision on what is important to them and start taking steps towards these goals. We work with them both as a team and with the individuals that make up that team. We want to ensure that they function well together and the business gets the most from each individual’s unique set of skills and attributes.

Who can benefit from business coaching sessions?

Staff can benefit from business coaching from Trans4mational Change
Do your staff know where they are going and why?

Your team need to know where it is going and why they should be going there. If your team doesn’t know its goals then it won’t work as well as it could. Trans4mational Change business coaching can help your team be successful.

Coaching can be for individuals and teams, or indeed a whole company helping them to focus on common goals and how to achieve them working well together as a team. We believe that anyone can benefit from coaching sessions in their professional lives. We can help you and your staff gain some perspective on where the aspirations for each individual lie and how this feeds into business goals. We can show you how to take the right steps towards meeting the combined goals of individuals and business.

It is very rewarding to see how the coaching can have a huge effect on not only a person’s professional life but extend out into their personal life as well.

What to expect from a coaching session

Business coaching from Trans4mational Change can benefit your business greatly

A coaching session is typically of around an hour or two’s duration depending on the size and complexity of the issue (longer sessions can be arranged if required). Coaching can encompass work and personal issues, though often the two can be linked and are just coming out in different ways in each environment. The sessions are, of course, completely confidential and no content will be divulged outside of this environment.

The role of coach is to listen and help extract the information about the situation or issue you are dealing with and to help you find the best solutions for you using a range of different tools.

Where the scope of the coaching requires more than a single person, Trans4mational Change works with a carefully selected group of associates who can support on these sessions. Many have specialist areas or expertise and will be selected to ensure you get the best possible support and advice. There will be times when we will suggest there will be work you can do between sessions and would then discuss progress and findings at a subsequent session

If you feel that you or your business would benefit from coaching, please contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve you goals and reach your full potential.

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