Complementary Therapies

Helping you reach your physical potential using complementary therapies – Jon Critoph MABT

Complementary Therapies are something we believe everyone should try in their life. Helping you reach your full potential can also involve the physical body as well. As much as the mind, our thoughts, and many other aspects in life can affect our physical body or physical body and how it is functioning can also have an effect on our motions and how we feel and our ability to think straight and interact well with others. Jon is a professional member of the Complementary therapies section of ABT.

Complementary therapies - preparing for a massage
Treat yourself to a massage or another complementary therapy

Complementary Therapies

Jon is qualified and insured to practice

  • Reiki
  • Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Hopi Ear Candles (Thermo auricular therapy)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • The Balance Procedure

Imagine what a treatment might help you with perhaps an aching back or a stiff neck, maybe it will just offer you a chance to relax and just be still for an hour or so. Jon will discuss with you what you are looking to achieve from your session and will take a case history  so we can better understand your requirements and also your medical and health history. From here we can discuss a suggested treatment plan before starting the session. Your records are kept fully confidential and will be updated at each session you have.

Jon is a member of ABT and is fully insured and qualified to recognised standards. Jon uses the letters MABT after his name as a member of this association.

Jon Also runs a local support group in Hereford (Wellbeing Wisdom Workshops) that offers a range of talks, trips and workshops that are open to anyone interested in their own health, wellbeing and personal development.

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