Human Design – Would you use the manual for the washing machine to work out how the cooker works?

Using the right manual

Human DEsign - the washing-machine

Using the manual for the washing machine

Human Design - the cooker

Can you work the cooker?

You might wonder what this post is doing on these pages on Human Design on this web site. Well this was a question that occurred to me as a way of explaining the usefulness of Human Design. So many seem so lost these days and are looking outside themselves and to others for what they should do and how they should be. This really is a crazy as trying to figure out how the washing machines works by using the manual for the cooker. It just does not add up.

Human Design is the right manual

Human Design is an amazing tool that can provide everyone with their own unique and personal manual. Not a step by step guide as what to do in any given situation but a hold your hand guide. A reminder of who you came here to be and the best way for your to approach situations and life. A reminder for the advanced soul you are of who you are and how you work best.

Everyone is unique

It would be so easy to think everyone was just like you, but they are not. We are all different and not just in the way we look, the way we dress and the words we speak but in so many other subtle ways. We often see this too late when there has been a fight or a disagreement or we simply stp talking to one another.

It is so easy to know we do not put our dirty dishes in the washing machine or try and cook our dinner in the fridge but human relationships seem so much more subtle and challenging. We mostly are attracted to someone new because of the differences and then when we do get together, whether this is at work or socially, we want them to be and act just like us.

So where can Human Design help?

The simple and short answer would be anywhere. To clarify this a little more I can discuss areas where i have personally worked with people. Firstly there is with individuals who simply want to know more about themselves, who they are, how they work and possibly how they find love. Then there are couples who want to know how to get along, maybe if they are right for each other or have they found Mr or Mrs Right. At this point it is worth pointing out there are no right or wrong relationships. Just relationships and their nuances and Human Design shows you how to work with these nuances. I also work with couples who have been together a while and maybe have got a little lost and want to rekindle the relationship they once had.

There are parents who want the best for their children or want to advice the school how best to work with their child. They may start as soon as they are born and then try and work with the child to give ti the best start in life. Others may leave it till later and when they are struggling with their own child. I have also worked with parents of children with disabilities trying to show them the best ways they might work with them especially if the child is unable to communicate.

Then there are family constellations and the challenges of 3 or 4 or in some cases more living together under one roof. How can they best get along?

Finally I work with companies or teams within businesses where they want to get the most from their staff. The manager may want to understand a little better who he has on his team and how to get the best from them. It is amazing but productivity and success can be greatly increased through simply understanding who you have on your team and how to work with them.

Can we help you with your relationship or team at work?

So now you can see what we can use Human Design for perhaps you want to get some advice in your own situation,. Make contact with us and we can discuss your challenge and the best way to work with you.

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