Human Design

Understanding your own personal instruction manual.

Jonathon Critoph's Human Design completed by Trans4mational Change
Example of a Human Design Chart

Human Design is all about understanding why you are the way your are. Some of you may have already heard a little about this or perhaps having done a little research on the internet. For others this might be something completely new to you and you are starting right at the start.

Each individual has their own Human Design, based on when and where they are born. Analysing this divides your personality into a number of attributes of the Human Design and allocates them to a  bodygraph. How these attributes interact defines the strengths of your personality and how you interact with others.

Trans4mational Change can build your bodygraph for you and explain how each of the attributes will play out in your life and relationships. We look at the various attributes of the design gates and channels and show you how everyone has their own unique gifts that often complement those of their business or personal partners. We also demonstrate how the attractions between you and other personalities work and how things can sometimes go awry, as people battle about their differences. We also identify the core wound that each of us is born with and explain how you can best work with this. We aim not to get rid of it but transmute it to its higher levels of potential and show you how to realise your true gifts.

Some examples of Human Design

We have created the Human Design charts for some famous people who have very different personalities. You may be interested in seeing how their charts show their personalities.

David Cameron is a Manifestor.

Donald Trump is a Manifesting Generator.

Russell Brand is also a Manifesting Generator.

Your own personal instruction manual

Now you have seen the Human Design charts of some well known figures and read a little about what they say about them, you may well be wondering what your own personal chart might look like.

Jon is available to give readings either in person (in the UK) or via zoom or telephone around the world, these can be personal readings, couples readings, family dynamics, parent/child readings or readings for work environments to help you get the most from your team or see where there may be gaps. I am dedicated to helping you reach your full potential and believe this information should be available to all. I charge just £80 for a first reading which normally lasts around 2 hours.

If you would like your own chart, please fill in the details below and we will produce your chart and e-mail it to you.

If you want to book an appointment to spend some time going over your design and what it all means to you and those close to you then please use the contact us page to send in a request. We will contact you to arrange a convenient time for this to take place.

Please note the information you supply us is for us to produce your Human Design chart and nothing else. We will never share your information with any other third party and will hold it securely in case you want future readings . If you do not want us to hold the data after we have produced your chart and carried out a reading please let us know and the information will be deleted. Please be aware that this will mean in the future if you do want a further reading you will need to supply us with the information again.

    Keeping your data safe
    - Are you happy for me to keep an electronic copy of your human design so we can discuss it over the phone?
    - Are you happy for me to keep a paper copy of your human design in a locked filing cabinet cabinet so that should you wish to discuss it further in the future then I can refer back to it?

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