Donald Trump’s Human Design

Human Design for Donald Trump - by Trans4mational Change

The first thing you see when looking at Donald Trump’s human design is his type, He is a manifesting generator, and their credo is I want it all and I want it NOW! They don’t want to wait and get very frustrated and fairly quickly they have anger to deal with too. Both these emotions arise out of failing to follow their strategy as a Manifesting Generator which is to wait to respond not initiate, they can initiate something out of a response. So, in his position if the American public were to ask him to become president of the USA he could respond and take that role. The challenge is with such a fast responsive design he will want to crack on and get things going. However, he needs to remember to always check he is doing something out of response, so consulting the public who voted him in (if he gets voted in again!) as well as his colleagues in the Whitehouse. Failure to follow his design with just manifest more frustration inside for him and eventually this will once again erupt in anger.

Other key things you can see straight away in his design is he is a 1/3 profile which is the profile known as the investigating/martyr. The line 1 is the investigator. This is someone who is metaphorically or literally down in the basement researching and investigating. So, this can be a ‘leave no stone unturned’ and ‘keeping digging till a dead end is reached’ or a truth revealed. However, being a MG can mean this is done in a hurry and things can be missed all together or misinterpreted. However, given enough time normally leaves the MG with a chance to go back to the beginning once more (the part they normally jump past) and everything begins to make sense. A good analogy for this is someone who is an MG picking up a book and either skipping past or skim reading the first few chapters of a book to get to the part where it gets interesting and when they get to the end of the book nothing makes sense, so they return to the start of the book and read those first few chapters and suddenly everything makes sense.

The three in the profile is the martyr, the person who can get trapped in a cycle of going round the same loop again and again expecting to get a different result. They hate feeling shame and will do all they can to avoid it and they are much more easily wrapped up in addictive behaviours. They will do anything they can to avoid feeling the pain that lies deep inside and is masked by layers of addiction and numbing behaviours. The 1/3 profile is tied to a process of trial and error and if leading the country will bring the country with it on this journey.

With a defined solar plexus (brown triangle on the right near the bottom) this is his inner authority in other words where he goes to get his true response. With an emotional centre there is no truth in the now as the emotions are always moving and so the advice (and her comes the universal joke) they need to wait if they can they should sleep on a decision for important ones and at least wait a few minutes to check in and see how they feel about less important decisions In his case Donald should try and find space alone before making his decision as he can be easily influenced with those outside especially those with a defined (coloured in) high and lower mind. On a similar theme as his spleen (white triangle on left side near bottom opposite the solar plexus) he longs to be spontaneous but with this undefined this is the most dangerous thing he can do.

As we have touched on the spleen let’s look at this next. An undefined spleen is a sensitive person who needs to watch what they eat, who they are around and in truth he would be must better suited to homeopathy than pharmaceutical drugs. The latter will have to harsh an outcome that can get too much for the body at times. All the gates he has defined (little blue circle round the number) are fear gates. The 18th gate is the fear of not being good enough (oh the lengths we can go to, to cover this one up!) The 32nd gate is the fear of failure and the 57th gate is the fear of time running out, the fear of the unknown or the future. This last gate really asks for him to take time alone to seek inner guidance. With the spleen centre undefined these gates only come into effect and show up when he is with someone who either has this centre defined or they have the other half of the channels (lines) that he has one half off (namely he has the 18, 32, 57 and 26) once a line is coloured in along its entire length the centre at either end are coloured in or what we call defined.

The self or “G” centre is the diamond in the centre of the design and with this undefined (left white) it shows that he has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up. This can support in some ways his 1/3 profile of trial and error but can also mean he is open to try new things and new ways opening up new pathways to explore.

Just below the G centre and to the right is the heart centre which is the home of the ego. It will come as no surprise to any reader that this is defined and thus, he will go to battle for things he believes in and will take no prisoners. He will get his way unless he meets an equally well-defined heart centre in which case little the battle commence! With the 21/45 channel defined (coloured in) he would be much better running his own business or maybe even a country. This reflects in his success in the business world and the power he likes to wield however as previously mentioned some of this will be to try and avoid much pain he undoubtedly harbours from his earlier more formative years.

One last thing to mention is the connection between his lower mind (ajna) and his throat without the higher mind defined this can be a person who speaks what he thinks people want to hear (or the opposite because he is an MG) or he can become a voice piece for other people speaking their words for them, With a defined throat he needs time and space to reflect on what he has just heard (this maybe something he has said or someone else has said) without the space he can become frustrated and angry.
Of course, all these facts are being spoken about from the position of his design and that is not to say he observes this guidance and so will meet with resistance along the way. Like everyone we are all human and have our blind spots and think we know best moments but getting in touch with our own design and understanding how we can get the most from life is one option and one I believe having worked with thousands of clients over 20+ years has had a massive positive effect.

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