Michael Jackson’s Human Design

Human Design chart for Michael Jackson

A rare Reflector

Michael Jackson was a really rare type, has was a reflector which make up just 1% of the population and are characterised by having no definition (no centres are coloured in). Reflectors are there like big mirrors that reflect anyone who comes into their aura back to themselves. In reflecting the images are enlarged around 4 times to ensure we do not miss this.

Michael Jackson was a gift to the world. As a reflector he had very little energy of his own. This may seem impossible when you consider how he was performed on stage but it was because he had the crowds so full of energy and excited. They poured their energy out towards him which he took, magnified and gave back to them. So as the performance went on the energy was rising higher and higher.

Reflections in his songs

Interestingly, he has two very poignant songs the first being ‘man in the mirror’, if only he could have seen that he was not the man in the mirror but purely the mirror reflecting all the others back to themselves. The second song was also very clear message to be interpreted which was his song ‘leave me alone’, which is a call from deep inside to honour the 2 in his 6/2 profile where he is a role model (6) and a hermit (2). So the role model is there to lead us out to walk his talk and the 2 must have time and space alone to be the hermit and to reconnect with life and the earth and have his alone time.

He was really a chameleon type changing and reflecting whoever he was with he could blend in to most situations but this could be confusing for him if he did not know this as it could feel like he was never sure who he was and this would keep changing of course. Time alone bringing him back to himself and a chance to rest. It would take a lot of pressure off him with this lack of other people directly around him.

One final point was he had a strategy of waiting a lunar cycle (just over 29 days) before making nay decision which must have been hard with all the pressures of the world on his shoulders in a business that rarely slept..

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