Russell Brand’s Human Design

Russell Brand's Human design done by Tran4mational Change

Russell Brand is a Manifesting Generator

Russell brand was born as a Manifesting Generator which has traits of jumping into the middle of things getting to the end and things not making sense and having to go back to the beginning to collect the information that helps make it all make sense. MGs also do not like having to wait for thing and can be highly impatient if made to wait They are not big on red tape and bureaucracy either and all the delays this can bring when they want it all and they want it NOW! The Queen song was written just for MGs! You also never tell an MG what to do as they will do the opposite just because they can. This can mean working for others, especially large corporations, can be something they might not suit. MGs love to be in the centre of things; be it parties, conversations or a fun gathering. They can certainly be the life and soul of parties, if they are on form.

Decision making – don’t be too quick

Russell has  an inner authority of the emotional solar plexus which suggests that there is no truth in the ‘now’. This means for him that it is unwise to make a decision in the heat of the moment and it is far better to sleep on important decisions and see how you feel about it when you have gone through an emotional cycle. The danger if this is not observed is that you decide in a hurry to do something and then in the morning or a day or two later you wish you had not agreed to do something. If it is a meal you are trying to decide on perhaps a good idea to ask for a little more time otherwise as you wait for your meal you may see a meal go through to the table next door and wish you had ordered that instead.

With a 4/6 profile this is the profile of the opportunistic/role model which means that they may set off with nothing particular in mind, see an opportunity that feels right and decide there and then. If they have waited a little so that they were emotionally clear they can then take the opportunity (or not) and things will work out just fine and they will be role modelling this to everyone else watching them and in there field of influence. The 4 can tend to be a little closed at an emotional level fearing getting hurt but their closing off can deliver the very pain they were trying to avoid. The 6 if it feels uncomfortable want to leave the room and if they cannot do so physically they will do so emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They just need to remember they took themselves out they need to invite and bring themselves back in.

Being in control

Russell Brand’s design also shows he has an incarnation cross of Planning which will mean that he likes to have things planned out. It may have been that in earlier life things being planned out for him but now he will like to be in charge of the plans and with such a cross may well try and disrupt others plans if they are made without consulting him. Having the 21st gate of control also indicates how Russell likes to feel in control of situations and life in general. It is of course an illusion and with maturation will come a shift from control into standing in his own authority not trying to control everything  but simply being clear on where one’s boundaries are.

One final observation is that Russell Brand is never feeling under any kind of pressure when on his own so there will be times especially perhaps after a challenging time where he will seek alone time to release the built up pressure.

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