Help with Personal Relationships

Our personal relationships are the basis of our existence

For most of us our personal relationships can be one of life’s most rewarding and yet most confusing and challenging experiences. Often we don’t quite understand why someone reacts in the way that they do, or even why we behave in certain ways. Often leading to us making changes to be liked or accepted and in the end losing the true essence of who we are.  At other times we find whole new areas about ourselves within a relationship and fear losing them when a partner moves away a little so we create needy relationships which in the end break down.

Relationships take so many forms:

  • There is the one we often forget: the relationship we have with ourselves
  • Our relationship with our partner
  • Family relationships
  • Work based relationships
  • Friendships
  • Sports teams or interests groups
  • School relationships, with pupils and staff.

Relationships are all around us and perhaps what we don’t consciously realise is that we are all affecting one another all of the time.

Family relationships

We know that partnerships can easily break down ending in separation and each person going their separate ways. Often it’s due to communication and misunderstanding what the other person wants from the relationship. If we take the time to understand how we are and how we behave, it is often possible to prevent the break down. At Trans4mational Change we believe that helping people to understand why they are how they are and why a relationship works the way it does is key to keeping life good. With more people living in one environment and developing their own unique characters life can become challenging as they all try to operate within a single environment. Let us help you understand your nature and those of the family you share your home with and help you make the best out of life for everyone.

Our Children and School

Trans4mational Change can help improve family relationships
It’s easy not to speak as a family sometimes

We have brought our children into the world and they are beginning to grow up fast and explore not only the outer world but the inner one too. We all want the best for our children but only have our own experiences and upbringing to work from (until now that is). What if you could learn more about your child and their nature and how to work with them from the day they were born onwards. Through the use of Human Design this all becomes possible.

If our children are older and perhaps already at school they will be being watched and measured on their progress but like anything if we do not know how to work with a specific person or piece of equipment we can never really get them working at their best.

Human Design allows us a unique insight into their world and helps demonstrate how to get the best from your child and help maintain a more harmonious environment at home.

Is your relationship with your child strained? Do you know why?

Is your child driving you crazy? Are they seemingly unable to operate in a way you feel they should? Human Design will help you to understand your own design and make up along with the ways in which you operate and how these may be completely different from your child’s ways of operating and hence the clashes you have been experiencing Simply by making some small adjustments to ways in which you interact with them can make all the difference. Don’t just take our word for it. Here is what some people have said.

A child will often react by performing badly at school

Do you dread the school report coming home for your children or attending a parents evening? Are you at a loss as to know exactly what to say to the year tutor or teachers but you just know something is not right with your child and the way they are being handled at school. Armed with useful information about your child, their learning styles, speed of picking up new information and  many other aspects you can suggest better ways for your child to get their education and how they learn. Many parents we have worked with have seen major improvements in their child’s behaviour and overall ratings at school as well as in their marks and exam results.

Personal workshops

We offer a wide range of personal development workshops designed to help people lives reach a new understanding of themselves and develop skills that can help them reach their full potential. Here are a few examples of course we can offer, for a full selection please contact us and we can supply full details:

Life’s unseen signposts

Life is and always has been trying to communicate at all kinds of levels and in all kinds of different ways. Sometimes we need to try new ways of communicating. In this workshop look for new paths, we draw on many traditions and tools from around the world and give plenty of time for personal investigation and practice with the tools.

The exciting world of colour

You cannot fail to notice that we are surrounded by colour all the time; be it the colour of the clothes we wear to the food we eat, the fluids we drink and often lighting as well. All play an important part in our lives and often we pick colours to support us in an area where we may feel weak. This is a very experiential evening where many of our senses will be exposed to different colours primarily reflecting the colours of the chakras (and also the rainbow). Come with an open mind and leave with a balanced heart.

Feeding the fire

This workshop is designed around the idea that we are often happy to light a fire somewhere but forget that it needs feeding and tending otherwise it will go out. We wander off and start another and another and often forget those we have originally started and they get lost. Often we are then running around trying to get things done not really recalling what it is we really want to be doing and somehow feel we are a little lost and have a vague memory of what we were originally setting out to do. Drawing on experiences and bringing together work and ideas of others we look at useful tools and techniques we can employ to help us remember where we lit our fires, so we can go back, resurrect them and allow ourselves to continue our journey.

Human Design

You have read a little about Human Design and you may well have decided to get a personal reading done to help you understand yourself a little better and how you interact with others. Why not come along for a full day’s workshop with a number of other people and explore your own design, meet with others who may be a similar type and will understand many of your ways of being and doing things. It definitely will be an exciting day and one where you will come away with many revelations  and a much better understanding of yourself.

Talks and 1-2-1s

As well as offering a large range of workshops we also offer a range of talks which might interest groups and clubs who are looking for an inspirational speaker to fill a slot in their calendar. Please get in contact and book Jon as a speaker. In addition we also offer 1-2-1 sessions so we can tailor the content to best suit your needs which might not work so well if done within a group environment.

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