Now the long school holidays are upon us

The long school holidays

Well we have seen our children get to the end of term and now they are on the long summer and with it the long school holidays and will be around parents all the time. Maybe you can off load them to a friend or grandparents for a while, there maybe holiday clubs or camps but they will still be at home a lot more than normal. I ma sure there are may out there dreading this time and how to keep the children entertained.

Family on their summer holiday

The family and the long summer holiday


What can I do?

So why am I writing this piece at the start of the long school holidays? The simple answer is that I have tools that can help you understand and work with the children and whole family a lot better making for a win-win situation. Of course this period marks the summer holiday period where we load up the car and either head for the airport or our chosen holiday location. The net result is the family are together often in the confined space of a car and then plane perhaps and holiday accommodation and spending 24 hours a day together which is not something that often happens during the rest of the hear. As the temperature outside begins to rise so too does the internal temperature and this is when explosions can rock the stability and harmony of the family.

Getting the best for everyone

If you have an instruction manual for a device around your home you can learn how it was intended for you to operate a particular device and you find it works and does the job a lot better and more efficiently as a result The same can apply to our relationships with our children and within our families too and Human Design is the revolutionary tool that allows us to take a look at each of us as individuals and how we function (and wind each other up!) when we come together for periods of time in the same environs. It can show how we are all similar and yet we are also quite different and it is these small differences that make all the difference.

The long school holidays - Getting the balance right in families

Balancing the needs of all the family


How can I get this done?

Firstly you will need to request a chart for every family member you wish to involve in this process. You can order the charts here and these will be emailed to you if you are going to have a phone or Skype consultation or they will be given to you when we meet up if you prefer a face to face meeting. We will spend a little time looking at each individuals design and how they function best and then can start to bring the different people’s charts together and see how they interact and how to avoid too much friction occurring.

How much will this cost?

As a summer special I am offering these at a 50% discount to try and help you benefit from this knowledge during an expensive period of time.  Normal price would be £150 for a family of up to 4 people. Book your session now at the start of the long school holidays and start gaining the benefits straight away.

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