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Theresa May

Theresa May

Theresa May

This has been a long time coming as there is no published time of birth for Theresa May. I have done much research and came across an excellent educated estimate of 10:25 am from astrologer Steve Judd on a you tube video  he posted. So based around this I can now add a Human Design perspective on her too.

Theresa May – the first thing I notice

The first thing I noticed when I looked at Theresa May’s chart was her incarnation cross. This is important as it shows us the main focus of our lives, it is the cross we have to bear this lifetime. For her it is the Left Angle Cross of Upheaval. This says a lot about what lies ahead for us all. For anyone born with this cross it is a lifetime of challenging authority, routine, dogma and verbalising this outwardly so all can hear. It is the David who goes out and against all odds and slays Goliath.

Theresa with this cross is there to see what is not working and  what is wrong and saying and doing something about it. The 5th line in her profile supports this as this is the line of the heretic, the outspoken the person who can always be trusted to stir things up.

The Manifesting Generator

I have written before about the Manifesting Generator but to recap briefly. It means firstly that no one tells her what to do, or at least if they value their lives they won’t! As MGs do not take kindly at all at being told what to do. In fact they often do just the opposite to show they are not being controlled by another.  They like to get moving straight away and hate being held up by red tape and bureaucracy. MGs can be very impatient if they get made to wait and we have already seen this in her short time as Prime Minister.

The MG needs to remember however life will be a lot less frustrating for them if they act in response to being invited to do something. Then they will meet no resistance and will get things done in double quick time. They need to be busy all the time and never really know if they want to do something until they start to move and this tests their response. They then need to take heed of this repsonse.

Relatively little definition

She has only 3 out of the 9 centres defined (coloured in) and these are the centres that are fixed in her, that are not going to change much. They are the throat, the G or self centre and the sacral.

The defined throat centre means she will have no problem holding court. But she will also enjoy periods of silence and reflection and will need those every now and again to check in with herself. The defined G or self centre means she knows what she wants to be and where she is going. She may however she just may not know quite how to get there. And the sacral centre is the key energy centre showing she has plenty of energy to draw upon. When channelled through the 34/20, the channel of charisma (and busyness) she will always on the go. However if she does not get some downtime in there health problems will ensue.

The final thing for her to be aware of is it is important to be busy doing what she loves. If she is just busy using her energy and power on anything that comes along. This can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction and that the fun has gone out from life. Ultimately I believe can go on to manifest as illness. That may well indicate something along the lines of the sweetness having gone from her life.

What am I like?

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