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Who am I? A human design chart showing who we are.
Who am I? A sample Human Design Chart

Who am I? – Knowing the 4 types in Human Design

Who am I is a question I am sure we have all found ourselves asking at some point in our life. In Human Design there are some answers and this starts with the type of person you are. In Human Design there are four different types that people will fall into. By far the largest group is the Generators which make up about 70% of the population. This is the only type that has 2 subgroups, there are generators and manifesting generators and they are fairly equally split at around 35% of the population each. The next largest group are the projectors which make up 21% of the population, the manifestors follow next and make up 8% and the smallest group at just 1% of the population are the reflectors.

Each type has a completely different strategy in life and by following this it can make life a lot easier and less troublesome but may go completely against the grain of what we have learnt in life so far. so to answer the question who am I? Please read on:-

Am I a Generator?

So the generators have a strategy to respond which means they do not initiate unless this is as a result of responding. Their response is simple and a binary one “yes” or “no” which often come out by either a grunt from the belly or a nod or shake of the head. This does not make them totally passive they can be physically or metaphorically post brochures say letting others know what they do or can offer or they could simply ay something like “I need to talk to you” and then leave it. When the other approaches them and says you wanted to talk to me what is it about? this gives the generator a chance to respond and thus be in their power.

Am I a Projector?

The projectors  have a strategy of waiting for the invitation, These are the big investigators in life they are always looking into things and can feel under pressure when something is mentioned that they know nothing about. Give them a few days and they will know a lot more. They are often found hanging around at the end of a talk asking the speaker a lot more questions and each answer often generates two more questions. As they are always investigating they are bursting full of information and are bursting to tell someone. They need to remember that they still need to wait for the invitation otherwise they will annoy people and often find others wandering away apparently uninterested.

Am I a Manifestor?

The manifestors are always wanting to go and manifest, making things happen and getting things done. Their strategy is to remember somehow to inform those who are likely to be involved with their plans and actions before they do anything. Otherwise they can find others get annoyed or worse still do not support the plans.

Am I a Reflector?

And finally the 1% of the population the reflectors. They need to remember that they need to wait a full moon’s cycle before making any decisions so there are no quick decisions here btu this really does pay off. Decisions for a reflector are best made when they are on their one and not being influenced by others.

How this can help in both my business and personal life

This sort of information can be so useful in business as when you get an idea of what type of person your customer or team mate is you can work with them and appreciate their uniqueness and not always be battling with them. Of course the same is true in personal relationships and friendships too.

If this has grabbed your interest then why not submit your details and get your own chart done.

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