Success Stories

So perhaps you are on the verge of deciding to embark with some coaching either for yourself or for a company. We thought it might be useful to hear of some of the sorts of things we have been involved with and the success stories resulting from them.

Building a successful department everyone wanted to be a part of

Working within a large corporate there was the normal sort of office politics and back biting you often find in these institutions. Staff turnover was significant and absenteeism was beginning to become a problem too. Some people who had excelled in a previous role had been promoted and now found they were struggling. Nothing wrong with the people but the company was no longer really using them and their best assets to the full. The company had been simply associating prior success with an area which needed sorting. One manager in particular needed help.

Coaching provided the external confidential support for the manager to explore his role and the expectations of his superiors. Time was also given to looking at the training and support he needed. Once this area had been sorted out we then turned to his team to see how they could best serve the department and the company. Through understanding their individual gifts and talents the manager was able to play to their strengths too and soon the department was one everyone wanted to join. Everyone was keen to come into work and absenteeism was a thing of the past.

A company full of anger and frustration becomes successful

Working with a small company of just a few employees there seemed more than a normal amount of anger and frustration amongst the small team. There was much being done but the company was not making any progress. As a final resort we were called in to take a look at what was happening and how things might improve. After all, doing more and more of the same things and not getting anywhere was doing nothing for any of the staff. Using Human Design we looked at the profiles for all the staff and the company as well. In doing so it soon became apparent that they were all of the same type and were completely working in opposition to their design. It was a bit like trying to drive a car with the handbrake fully on and chocks under the wheels. The company itself was also saddled with the same type of design and so was fuelling this situation. By using the valuable information Human Design brings they were able to see what was happening and rather than examining everything through a microscope they could use a telescope and look at the horizon and what lay ahead. Making some changes both personally and within the company they were able to see the reality of the situation and take appropriate action saving a lot of angst for everyone. What a great success story.

A problem boss can lead to personal success

This time working with an individual and helping and coaching them to see beyond what was presenting itself in their work environment and how they might work and connect  differently. Simply by changing the way they interacted made all the difference and now there is a lot more harmony in the environment which has in turn led to increased productivity and effectiveness and a much more pleasant working environment.  We liken this to having a whole range of tools in a  tool box and each one is great at doing a particular task but cannot do everything so recognising the talents and gifts each individual brings and making the best use of these can make for a happier and more productive working environment.

Bosses need help and guidance too!

Often it can be lonely at the top when you are a boss and have responsibility for those under your guidance, You are often dealing with their issues and problems and you are the one they come to for help and advice. It maybe you are at the top or maybe there are issues that would be challenging to discuss with your boss. This is where we can come in and provide that confidential listening ear and helpful guidance. This can be done either privately or through the company. We have found this to be very beneficial with a fresh pair of eyes and ears to look at the situation and ask questions and offer supportive advice where required.

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