David Cameron’s Human Design

Human Design Chart for David Cameron

To give you an idea of what a Human Design Bodygraph looks like we have produced a number of charts for famous people. Here you can see the chart for the leader of the country in 2015, David Cameron. It is fascinating to look at the designs of those who are leading the country and see what sort of a ride we are all in for. As I write this in July 2015 these are some of the things I can see.

David Cameron is a Manifestor

David was born one of just 8% or there abouts of the population who are Manifestors. These designs are always keen to crack on. They like to get things done often leaving to do something before all the instructions for the task have been issued, simply guessing what is required and heading off to get started. They are the ones who are designed to manifest in this world and make things happen. However, all Manifestors need to follow their strategy which is to inform those who are likely to be affected by whatever they are about to do and let them know what they are planning. They can be so keen to get out there and fearing telling everyone involved will just delay their manifesting that they crack on regardless. Often they meet with problems that had not considered including finding others not happy at all about what has been done and they themselves can then get angry. Secretly this is often an anger at themselves as they knew subconsciously that this might be the case and they are now cross at themselves for not following this hunch.

Trial and error method for problem solving

With the 1/3 profile he is tied to a trial and error process and could well take us all with him on this ride. The 1 is the born investigator and there are many ways one can investigate things,. They are always learning and can be the eternal “Just 1 more course” type! The three is the martyr and they can keep on doing things well beyond when they really want to be doing them and take on things they feel they ought to do rather than wanting to. This profile type can also self sabotage just as they are about to be successful.

With an inner authority being an emotional solar plexus this tells us that there is no truth in the now for Mr Cameron and he needs to delay making decisions at least by sleeping on things. If ordering a meal just a few minutes as any rushed decision can be repented at leisure afterwards.

Needs to hear things things twice

The split definition also suggests that he needs to hear things twice, meet people twice etc. to form a full and proper opinion. This too can be frustrating for a Manifestor who is kept waiting when they really want to be making progress.

Incarnation Cross

The incarnation cross which is a little like the expression “we all have our cross to bear” is the essence behind our life’s work and Mr Cameron is hear to penetrate through to the core of issues, leaving no stone unturned and perhaps even making a few feel uncomfortable as he turns up the heat in order to get the bottom of things.

He has a defined mind which means once he has seen something in a particular way it can be difficult for him to see it in any other way and so can be seen as hard headed and very determined to get his point of view across and enforced.  With the connection to the throat he is able to communicate what is on his mind and get his message out there.

With a defined g or self centre (yellow diamond in the middle)  he is clear on where he is going but the irony is it is unlikely he knows how to get there but with the connection to the heart centre which in this system is the home of the ego he is able to put a lot of energy behind what he does and goes for.

There is a lot more detail in HD than is given there this is just a short overview of some of the characteristics.

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