Brexit, Trump and a whole lot more

Brexit, Trump and a whole lot more

Brexit, Trump and a whole lot more, now there are a few thing to ponder.

Human Design chart for Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s Human Design

With so many things uncertain right now and with most of the world still taking in the Brexit decision and what it might mean for us. Then close on its heals Donald Trump gets voted to be the next president of the USA. We did not have to wait long to see the difference in style to the more conciliatory Barrack Obama. These two happenings have triggered all kinds of happenings around the world. These range from values of currencies changing, speculation on outcomes of the result and some instability on other countries too. Yet in truth no one really knows as we have never before in our lives been in these situations.


Brexit vote declared - Human Design chart

The Human Design for Brexit

With so much uncertainty and with the media hyping it all up and writing their own headlines it helps fuel the fires of fear. And with so much fear around it can create the illusion for us all of a lack of choice. With fear comes contraction and with this comes pain which fuels more contraction. This plays out as an endless loop in our lives. So we get drained of energy and feel lethargic. For most there is a need to feel in control of at least something and for many a whole lot more. The valuable reserves we have are all used up in fighting almost for survival.

Fear has a lot of negative effects on the human body and if suffered and endured for long enough can cause serious health problems for a person. The effects can range from annoying headaches and constant cravings for things that might not do us too much good to digestive issues like IBS and colitis. If we continue to subject ourselves to stressful situations without any respite our bodies will become ill and start to break down.

 What is the result of all the fear, stress and uncertainty?

As a result of this we become less efficient in our work and are often distracted and feeling preoccupied and not really present. So our work suffers and we can end up fearing we will be let go of. The constant stress can become a strain not only on us physically but mentally and emotionally. Then we start reacting from this place in self defence. We all know the saying we always hurt those we love the most and when we are stressed. We are more vulnerable and likely to lash out at our partners, wives, husbands and often treat friends and work colleagues a lot better. Very quickly the whole situation can spiral out of control and we try to correct it by applying more control or through addictive behaviours.

So where is this leading?

I can just hear you wondering where is this post leading? Well it is leading to say help is at hand. The whole ethos of anything I do these days is always to help you reach your full potential in what ever way I can. Reaching this full potential requires us to be healthy, less stressed and very much in touch with who we are and what works for us. So often people are rushing around getting their ideas of what to do from others who are naturally different. The more we rush around, stress and try and control things the worse it can all get. Soon we are stopped by life itself through illness and disease.


So if it feels like your world is shrinking and things are closing in and putting you under pressure why not get in touch. There are many tools I have at my disposal along with a lot of experience. Some years ago I vowed that I need to walk my talk and not just be talking it as so many do. So I set about looking at my own life and some of the things I was teaching and yet not using myself. Don’t get me wrong none of us are perfect but what I started to do was to observe what I was saying. The messages I was conveying was I following my own advice or just talking the talk. You see once you have started to wake up you cannot go back to sleep and the future can look very different to the way it actually did before. It is not a route for the feint hearted.

We are all unique

We are all unique and we all have our gifts and talents but the world keeps trying to judge us using a single measure. I recall reading somewhere if we were deemed successful and useful by our ability to climb trees fish really would be of no use at all! Of course this is not true and we need to remember this. If we try and compare ourselves with others we will always end up feeling in some respect or another inferior in comparison. This of course is what a lot of advertising does by getting us to compare ourselves against an airbrushed model and we feel always will feel inferior. I highly recommend spending some time in front of the mirror not applying things that we hope we improve our appearance but to really and truly appreciate ourselves for who we are. Maybe over time we can actually speak those words to ourselves in front of the mirror.


I have read that the letters that go to make up the word FEAR actually stand for Fantasy Enacted As Reality. In other words we are very good at imagining things and acting as though they are real. Some say we should try and stop our minds from generating all these images and stop the mind from circling round and round. I personally feel this is an impossible task to set ourselves and one that can only lead to more displeasure and pain. However what we can do is to stop attaching to and believing our thoughts. There will always be there generated by our egoic mind but we do not have to believe them. It was said by Mark Twain. “I have been through some terrible things in life, some of which actually happened.” A quote definitely worth remembering.

Breaking the patterns

For many these days they are being stressed and overworked with little time to themselves. The first thing I recommend people to do is at least to slow down if not stop. If you don’t heed the warning signs life will have a way of stopping you one way or another. At Trans4mational Change I am here to help support you through these changes having been through many myself. It is not easy trying to break habitual patterns that have been with you for a lot of years or maybe even a lifetime. Maybe you have been running for so long that you are lost or do not know which way to turn. As one client said recently

“I am so lost I don’t even know who I am these days!”


This is where I can come in and help with a variety of different tools. I often will start working with the physical symptom. The aches and pains using various massage techniques to help relax the muscles and unite the knots people manage to get in their abdomen. I can also use healing or reiki to help with the relaxation and the bringing of the body back into alignment with itself. Always working with you to share details of what you can do to help yourself in between sessions. This will all aid speeding up the process and also put you in the driving seat being responsible for your own health. There are simple techniques I can show you to be able to carry them out on yourself or you might chose to bring a partner in to learn the techniques.

Human Design

It seems no post would be complete without a mention of Human Design, the amazing system that gives you a far better understanding of our make up and how best we operate.  Human Design can look down to the genetic level and can see the inheritances we got from our parents and how we can best work with these. Over the last 15 years I have been helping people understand themselves, their relationships and marriages. I also look at family dynamics and work relationships with colleagues too. When you have the knowledge and wisdom of HD you will soon feel a lot more at the centre of yourself and not so rocked by outside events and circumstances. I have recently had much feedback along these lines and say how much more calm and relaxed they are now feeling. Clients also comment on how much better they feel in themselves and how life feels like it is running a lot smoother.

In summary

There is a lot going on out there that if you let it could bring you down or get your  extremely annoyed and angry. However this very much would be your egoic mind continually chatting which we will never stop. Remember we can stop listening to it or believing it. You may need a little help with some EFT to help you achieve that and some perseverance and learning to like and even love yourself in the process.

Always here to listen and support and help where I can. Why not get in touch and see how the tools I have in my tool box might help you. You can contact me via this web site or via phone or e-mail. Time to act as we have had enough of Brexit, Trump and a whole lot more.

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