An amazing maze, gaining direction

The maze is a great analogy for life

So why the analogy of an amazing maze and how can this help us gain direction? Some years ago I visited the National Trust gardens in Glendurgan down in Cornwall  whilst walking round their extensive gardens which are on the sides of a valley leading down to a river I spotted a hedge maze across the other side of the valley from where we stood and this who analogy evolved inside in just a few minutes and so I busied myself taking various pictures to tell the story I am explaining here.

Life, businesses and relationships are all like this very maze. You see from the point where I first spotted the maze I could clearly see the whole layout of the maze and it was not too difficult to trace a path into the centre of the maze which in our analogy could be likened to our goal. We know were we are and we can see where we want to get to  but what lies ahead is the journey through the maze. The only way to get to our destination is by approaching and entering the maze.

So we set off and as we approach the maze even our perspective is becoming more limited and we are trying desperately to remember where we need to turn and how to find our way. As we enter the maze we see the hedges are tall and obscure the perspective we once had. It is not long before we have got lost. We may meet others in there and they may be walking the other way to us. We do not know if they are lost too or have found a dead end either. So we persevere and come up against dead ends where we have to turn around and retrace our steps.

All the paths begin to look the same and we can soon be totally lost. This is where the coach can come in so handy as they come equipped with a metaphorical ladder they can climb and rise above the hedges and see clearly what lies ahead and once you have shared with them your destination they can help guide you to your goal. There is nothing wrong with you at all it is something we all face in our own worlds and we all need that help from another person experienced in guiding people through the maze of life and business.

It is not long once help has been summoned before you are moving with clarity and direction again and soon you are smiling again as you reach your goal or as in our analogy the centre of the maze.

Full MAze

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