Human Design – The 4 types

Human Design – The 4 types

In human design the 4 types of personalities make a huge difference in how each type interacts. Everyone will have their own specific design with it being highly unlikely to find anyone with exactly the same design as you. However there are groups to which each individual belongs and the 4 different types can be seen below. There are 4 main groups with one group (generators) having two sub-types. So when you get your design produced have a look for the heading “type” and see which one you are.

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What types are there?

As I mentioned there are 4 types and these are, starting with the largest group, Generators (70%) made up of Manifesting Generators (33%) and Generators (37%), Projectors (21%), Manifestors (8%) and Reflectors (1%).

What does this mean?

Some have described finding out their type as like coming home to themselves and being reminded of who they truly are. Perhaps where life and relationships have influenced them and they have been changed and directed away from who they really are. Finding out who you really are and how you best operate can literally be life changing.

Knowing your type is just the first step on the journey. Often we have seen difference divide people or nations setting them apart. Human design helps show us we are all similar and connected, but we all have our own unique characteristics. When understood can bring so much to a relationship, family, work team, community and even nations taking it to the largest scale.

What determines my type?

As with all of human design it is affected by the date, time and place of birth and the type is defined by which of the nine centres are defined (coloured in) and which are undefined (left white). If you are unsure of your time of birth charts can be produced across the day. We can work backwards through some questioning to an approximate time of birth and from this a single chart can be produced.

Human Design the 4 types

The 4 types Edward Snowden

An example of a Generator – Edward Snowden


Generators need to learn to trust their gut feeling about something or someone. A generator will always have a defined sacral centre and neither this centre nor any of the other three ‘motor’ centres (heart, solar plexus or root) are connected to the throat with a fully defined (coloured in) channel.

Generators need to be very careful as to what they commit to as once they have committed they will need to see it through. If they do not see something through and then bale out early they will meet the same thing again. However it may well look different to encourage them to re-engage with it and hopefully see it through to the end this time. Generators are methodical and like to start at the beginning and slowly and methodically work their way through things to the end.

Generators work best acting out of response, they are not here to initiate, but can initiate out of response which will ensure that people listen. Society has tried to convince us we cannot sit and wait for life to come to us but in fact this is what 92% of us should be doing. The Manifestors are the only type designed to go out there and make it happen and they are just 8% of the population.

As the type name suggests we need to generate and this means taking our time to allow the momentum to build and generate a response from within us. The world especially today is so full of everything telling us we must do it faster and we need it now. In the face of this the generator is still advised to wait to respond and even though from the onset it may look like you are losing ground and wasting time. You are not, you are simply waiting for something to respond to and making the right decisions for you based on your response.

Some of this applies to MGs as well.

By taking the time to learn how to wait and then respond you will ensure that you are most likely to be following your path in life and not one someone else’s. With a direct connection to a good supply of energy it is easy to mistake this for a drive to go and make sure things happen rather than conserving the energy and waiting. Then you can release the energy having waited for a positive response. It may seem crazy but you will get there quicker by waiting rather than trying to force your way through.

The gut response will come in the form of a guttural noise and it will sound like “a huh” for yes or “uh uh” for no. It feels like a really primal response, like a sexual grunting sound. The trick here is to listen to the almost instantaneous response from the gut before the head joins in and tries to use logic and past experiences etc. to grab control. This head response is not the response we are looking for.

If you want to know more about this fascinating area please do request your own design and booking a reading to help support you in being more of the person you came here and are equipped to be.

Human Design the 4 types Jonathon Critoph

An example of a Manifesting Generator Jon Critoph (my own design)

Manifesting Generator

To be a Manifesting Generator (MG) the sacral needs to be defined and connected via any sequence of channels to the defined throat.

This type have a very similar strategy to the Generator but they respond a lot quicker. They can mistake themselves for being a Manifestor (which they are not) and try to run around the place making things happen (manifesting). This only ends up in frustration and anger if pushed hard enough. The manifesting generators credo is best suited by the words in the Queen song “I want it all and I want it now”. They literally do want it now and can often be found with their hands frantically fiddling or with one leg bouncing up and down under the table. You might have thought there were gentle tremors of an earthquake on its way but there is normally a frustrated Manifesting Generator close by.

You never ever tell an MG what to do. They really do not take kindly to that at all and are likely to either explode or do the opposite to what they were told just to show they can. They are very independent souls and really never know in the moment what they want to do. They need to test the water so to speak so if they have been asked if they want to go for a walk, they should not just blurt out a yes or a no. They need to start to rise themselves from their seat or take a step towards the door and it is in this gap that they know whether they really want to do it or not.

Analogy explaining the difference between Generators and Manifesting Generators

If you take the analogy of a dog walker taking a dog for a walk, the dog walker is the Generator that simple walks up the field. The Manifesting Generator is the dog and this runs up the field and back time and time again. The challenge starts if the dog walker insists on keeping the dog on a lead as it will always be pulling to go and run. The dog will annoy the walker if it expects the walker to run up and down the field with it. The MG has a lot of energy but not endless and is likely to continue on pressing boundaries until they crash. Then having to stop and then as soon as there is some juice back in their batteries they are back off again. The MG will have a completely different way of approaching things to the generator. Unlike the generator that starts at the beginning and then works their way progressively through the MG likes to dive into the middle. Missing what it thinks are the boring unnecessary bits. When it gets to the end it has a feeling there is something missing and so has to run back to the beginning and start there. Once this is completed things finally begin to make sense. If this was a story of the hare and the tortoise in our race they finish together but using completely different strategies.

MGs do not like red tape and being held up by people or organisational bureaucracy. In fact one way you may see this play out is in the scenario at a set of red traffic lights. Put an MG at the front of the queue at a red light. As soon as it starts to go amber and green, they are off leaving everyone else trying to find first gear. Put them a few cars back in the queue. You will find them banging on the steering wheel wondering why everyone is so slow and hasn’t pulled off yet as the lights went green 2 seconds ago!

They do struggle more than generators to wait to respond as they have the same strategy, but there is so much energy waiting to be released. So they take off to make things happen as no one else seems to be doing anything and can meet with one disaster after another. So if you are an MG make sure your wheels are on the ground (and not up on axle stands) before you start trying to drive off. Otherwise there will be a lot of revving engines and wheel spinning but no forward movement!

Want to know more and have a full reading to explain your design in great detail by sending your birth details via the web site.

The 4 Types and example of a Projector Paul McCartney

An example of a Projector – Paul McCartney

The Projector

To be a projector you would need to have an undefined sacral centre and none of the motor centres (heart, solar plexus and root) are connected to the throat through a fully defined channel.

The projector also has a strategy of waiting but unlike the generator family that need to wait to respond the projector needs to wait for an invitation. By nature the projector is a much lower energy based design and needs to ensure that before making any decisions on things that will involve them in expending significant amounts of energy. They need time and space alone to see where their own energy levels are. Otherwise they may be making decisions based upon energy levels they are ‘borrowing’ from those around them.

Projectors are natural investigators and researchers and so are always bursting full of useful (and not so useful) facts. As they build their knowledge they soon get to a point where they are bursting to share it. However unless they wait to be invited to share it, they will no doubt meet with disinterest and people not listening. Which can make them feel bitterly misunderstood and undervalued. They just need to remember to wait to be invited to share their wealth of knowledge otherwise they can end up giving others a head ache! Likewise if you are a manager and know you have a projector on your team make sure you ask them if they know something and if they don’t they soon will!

Just remember that also an invitation is just that but you need to decide if you want to accept that invitation and if now feels like the right time. Many projectors get lost in their ego response to being invited and jump at the chance often at their own cost.

Projectors are also great at getting information out there (when invited to do so.) with all their research. You know you can trust them with the information and when invited to share they can do a great job. You may need to remind a projector when enough is enough before they wear others down and themselves out! It can be an unpleasant feeling for a projector when they are asked a question they do not know the answer to. However after a few minutes of collecting themselves once more they set about going and doing more investigation.

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Human Design the 4 types a Chart for David Cameron

An example of a Manifestor – David Cameron

The Manifestor

To be classified as a Manifestor you will need one or more of the motor centres (heart, solar plexus or root) defined and connected to the throat and also an undefined sacral centre.

The Manifestor is as the name suggest someone who is designed to go and manifest in life or make things happen and they want to do it very quickly. They will often slip out unseen to go and get a head start on everyone else but here in lies their downfall. As they need to inform those who might be affected by their actions before they take action. These are the only type who have not been lied to as their strategy is not one of waiting but of action. They need to go and make things happen.

The Manifestor can easily go it alone and achieve a great deal. They can be in great demand as others would love to have your energy and if they can’t syphon it off then they will want you to do it for them. With such pure and driven energy you can become the envy of others who would like a slice of it. You can also tend to run others ragged if you are around them if they are not Manifestors themselves. You need the freedom to be constantly active to remain healthy and may often find yourself in activities on your own. Alternatively with a wide group of friends you can call on at different times to accompany you. It is important you find outlets for your energy (just let others know before you slip off to do some activity) otherwise you be get very unhappy and others will know it!

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Human Design the 4 types a chart for Michael Jackson

An example of a Reflector – Michael Jackson

The Reflector

To be classified as a Reflector you will have none of the 9 centres coloured in or as we say, defined.

So we come to the rarest of them all just 1% of the population known as reflectors and that is what you are here to do. You are here to act like a mirror and reflect things back to others. However you are not just a mirror you are a magnifying mirror as you will enlarge whatever a person brings to you and then reflect it back to them so they can’t miss it. It can scare and frighten others especially if they count on you as a rock in their life as all of a sudden it looks like you are worse than they are.

Reflectors are like chameleons as they reflect back and thus appear just like whoever they are with. They have no fixed way of being and this can be a blessing as well as a curse. So best get to know your strategy if you are a reflector otherwise you will be a constant victim to those around you. The strategy for a reflector is to wait a lunar cycle to make any kind of decision.

Just because there are no defined centres does not mean there is nothing going on for you. You are good at tapping into your surroundings and receiving information and energy, just like a satellite dish receives its signals. This lack of definition makes you very empathetic, feeling and sensing what is going on for others around you. This does mean you can be considered wise and all-knowing, but can also mean you can end up feeling drained with certain individuals who seem to suck the very life out of you.

The mirrors for the world

The challenge that lies ahead for you is knowing when to engage and when to back away. Once you have clarity on this very point life can become a little easier and kinder for you. You can become a listening ear and someone to leant on by others especially when they need support. You just need to know when to withdraw and take your space before becoming too overwhelmed with other people’s issues.

You need to trust in your ability to draw others into your life rather than trying to go out and find them and drag them in. Becoming the strong more silent type at times can work wonders. In the ancient times a reflector might find himself or herself living alone in a hermitage or within communities that afforded them the right to privacy, nature and being alone. Maybe a good idea to construct yourself a hermitage somewhere close by. Be it a garden shed, in a spare room with a lock on the door or maybe you will even choose to live alone.

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Knowing who you are and how you operate and what might spring into life when others step into your environment can be a god send for Reflectors so want to know more then get in touch and order a copy of your chart and a reading.


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