Life’s Unseen Signposts – a one day workshop

Do you know where to look for the signposts for life? Trans4mational Change can help you.Help yourself to find your way through life

Do you ever wonder where life is taking you, why things are perhaps not going the way you would like them too or wish for some kind of direction from someone or somewhere that might guide you forwards? How often have you sought advice outside of yourself and your environment? Life’s Unseen Signposts is a one day introduction to a lot of different tools and ways in which we can seek guidance and gain clarity for ourselves.

Come and learn about some of the mysteries behind our lives and how many times there have been quiet voices that try to talk to us and show the way that is best for us and we cannot hear them or will not listen. Today we will explore many aspects of ourselves and learn about techniques and tools we can use to help on our journey through life.

In this one day workshop there will be an opportunity to join together with a small number of other like-minded people and start to unravel the meaning behind our lives and how we can best live them. We will be covering areas such as Runes, the I-Ching, dowsing, human design. astrology and a number of other areas as well. The day offers a wide range of experiences and a chance to be better prepared to get the most from your life.

When you leave you will have a wide range of tools you can start to work with straight away and see the differences they can make in your life.

Please bring an open mind and some lunch to share with others on the course. Refreshments will be provided during the course of the day.

Workshop Location and Timing

Saturday,6th February ,2016       9.30 until 5 p.m.       £80.00 per person

Venue Groesffordd Village Hall (near Brecon) LD3 7SN

Contact Details

For further details of this course please contact us.

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