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Happy Relationships

Relationships – The Spark of love when we first met? Here is what was sparking

Relationships can be the most rewarding and also often the most frustrating things we can experience in our lives. Have you ever suddenly become aware of feelings when you are introduced to someone that is new to you? It often feels like a spark when you first meet. Maybe it was a blind date, maybe a business partner or client or perhaps a new friend. There were feelings that you did not have before you met that are now there and you feel them keenly. They can be positive feelings or you might feel over shadowed or suddenly no longer clear about something. Read on to find out more of what is happening…….

What was causing these sparks when we met? Human Design has some answers

Human Design has a good way of explaining these phenomena. Without getting too complicated  in this article it can be easily explained using a magnet and how it attracts another magnet with the opposite polarity. If you take a look at a bodygraph for your Human Design or indeed anyone’s design you will see there are 9 centres and these are connected by double lines (channels) via the gates (the numbers) some channels have one end coloured in and not the other some are completely white and some are coloured in at both ends. Where there is a complete channel coloured in the centre at either end of the channel gets coloured in or defined. The spark is where you have half a channel coloured in as it is chemically looking for the other end. Or as we often choose to call it your other half! Interesting isn’t it that we often introduce our partners as our other half. This may well be exactly what is going on they are completing some channels for you as much as you are no doubt completing channels for them. especially in the relationship sense we get attracted to them and the energy they bring to us when we are in their presence, We get a chance to test it as they leave to go home and they take their energy with them and we miss having it. We meet again and there it is back again and we once again benefit from them being around, Some may call this love and it is what can pull us together.

Its our differences that bought us together

The one thing to remember in relationships is that each of the ends of the same channel are opposites and of course opposites attract. This can be fine when we meet every now and again and then have space on our own. However when we are living together in a relationship this can become a friction point putting strains on our relationships and we need to have strategies for dealing with this. By way of an example the channel of rhythm (15-5 channel) which connects the second square up to the diamond in the middle (the sacral to the G or self centre) of the bodygraph can be seen  as follows. The 5 is the gate of fixed rhythms they like to have a structure and routine and like familiarity and more order. The 5 will want to eat regularly and do things often by the clock. However the 15 is the gate or erratic rhythms and likes to do things when they feel like it and not have fixed routines or ways to work. Can you see how this may work out?

So have you ever wondered what might have bought you and a partner together? Why not find out and get both your charts done and have a relationship reading. You can enter your details here and get your chart e-mailed to you. You will be amazed at the difference this can make.

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